Tuesday, March 27, 2012

5x7 Folded Card

Piece of Cake Pink Birthday Card
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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

5x7 Folded Card

Missing Cookie Christmas Card
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Fair!!

The smallest angels have made the big time!! They entered paintings in the fair this year and received first place ribbons on their entries!! yay!

I was art supply manager on this project and did not enter a thing for myself. Maybe next year.

Anyway, we created them in the garage, er' I mean the studio next to Nonnie's Cadi. Each tiny angel got a canvas and free rein of the acrylic paints. After wards the angels were quite colorful to say the least. But really what is life without color? Even if it does stain a bit.

The Littlest angel was not satisfied with just one layer of color and painted a deep multi-layered painting. I have to say it was quite inspiring to see the transformation from one color to the next. Paint was applied layer after layer to cover the last color.  It was interesting to see what the paint would do with each layer. This angel was fearless of the paint. Personally, I predicted a black or brown canvas, but it came out remarkable. The color is quite exquisite. The final touch was a large slather of gold glitter. These angels don't miss a thing and spotted that bottle of glitter at the bottom of the bin. I staved Littlest off till the end, but the determination was firm in using it. I cringed during the process, but in the end its quite beautiful. The clothing on the littlest angel, not so much.

The Middle angel painted methodically with patterns and colors. The Middle was careful not to mix colors and very little layering was used. Then the Middle angel took a deep dive into creativity and added yarn, ribbon, string and buttons. I was fascinated at the pattern that appeared. It inspired me! I wanted to do some.. But alas it was the Middle angel's project and Middle was not about to hand over the wheel to me. Middle was driving this "creation bus" with passion. Middle struggled at times to get the needle and yarn through, but managed quite well. I was permitted to help only if the needle was stuck. Middle's composition is colorful and has focus with the 3-D elements that were added. The choice of color Middle made was amazing. This painting or mixed media turned out delightful!

The Littlest Grubby Angel

The Middle Grubby Angel

AFTERMATH: Lastly, clean up.. you know I just don't have enough space to put this all down. It took a long while.. how's that for a short summary. My father, Papa, has donated two old shirts for the next project... smocks for everyone!